Friday, 17 June 2011

Wrap a loc Take Down

Just to remind you above is the result of freshly washed locks. I was 6 weeks post re tightening and was due.  This picture shows the right side of my hair which was twisted over on itself.

 Left side of my hair with wrap a locs installed.
 Close us shot.  I found the wrap a locs very easy to sleep in especially as they became looser over time.  They left my hair stretched.  I have thin hair so like to wear curls to give my locks body and these wrap a locs did the trick.  I was left with tight, Shirley temple, curls which lasted the whole week through gym work outs and until I washed my hair.
 They were easy to take out, this side shot is after a work out and I had inadvertently rinsed my hair before I remembered I had to post these shots, hence the straighter hair at the back but the curls were still present.
Close up.  Next time I will make sure that I have my re tightening done first so that I can keep them in longer.  I loved the wrap the  loc system as a quick and long lasting, 2 style option for curling my locks.
Hope you enjoyed this and don't forget to comment.  Kittylocks x


Nubian1 said...

I guess the advantage of wearing your hair in curls is that it gives you a break from long hair plus as you mentioned extra body. Win win situation all round. = )

z said...

Your curls look great and I totally agree with Nubian1.

Kittylocks said...

Thanks Dewdrop