Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Client Feature, Lupin & Peaches

Hi there remember Lupin? she has traditional locks retightened using the Sisterlocks (TM) method.

Here she is sporting a wicked style.
 I like to use as few adornments when styling as possible therefore her hair was loosely crossed over and secured at the bottom using hair. This lasted for 2 days, covered at night before it naturally came out.
 Side views. I did not want to put undue tension on her hair line as this can cause hair loss over time so left a few shorter locks out thereby framing her face.

Here is Peaches with the same hair style on freshly tightened 3 year old Sisterlocks (TM)
 This time I used 1 hair pin to secure the end due to her hairs density and did not continue the crossing over of the hair to the bottom for the same reason producing a slight variation.
 If you are doing this style on your self you don't even need a mirror and it can be done going down as in these pictures or going up.
Its really an honour that my clients allow me to style their hair and don't they both look gorgeous?

Until next time

Kittylocks x