Friday, 22 August 2008

This is me at 32 weeks and dyed! The parts are starting to fill in nicely.

If you would like to keep track of my locks progress please visit my fotki for pictures and updates.
Please do not use my pictures without my permission.

see you there.


Friday, 15 August 2008

The Beginning

Hi I am Kittylocks and I am from England. It was January 2007 and I was celebrating my birthday with 16 drunk friends and we were all dressed up as prostitutes. Yes I said DRESSED UP. We went to a nightclub and I met a lady named Michelle in the toilets. Even through my drunken haze I could tell that her hair looked fantastic. She told me they were sisterlocks. I took her number. By November 2007 I was thoroughly fed up with my hair. I have been natural for over 15 years and have done everything to it, braids, weave ons, corn row, dye, curly perm, straight perm. I had just taken out my favourite style named corkscrew and screw it did my hair. When I took it out my hair stood on end like it had been in a fire and was very dry. No amount of treatments made it look any better and it had gone from being thick and long to thin and short. I did my research on the official sisterlocks(TM) site. Sisterlocks (TM) is a natural hair system that was designed by Dr Joanne Cornwell. I telephoned Michelle and my love affair started on the 7th and 8th December 2007 when Michelle installed me. It took approximately 15 hours to do and I was happy from the moment that I had it done. This is me after 14 weeks. Even though the front is very grey I did not care. I was so happy I just had to take this picture. Check out my story of how I came home to my locks roots. I hope that readers find my journey informative. Feel free to comment and please do not use my pictures without my permission.