Friday, 6 April 2012

Client Feature, LupinTraditional Locks

Hi all I was blessed to meet up with an old friend who asked me to maintain her traditional locks. She travels a lot to sunny climates and swims a lot so there was much regrowth lucky her..

I shall call her Lupin.

 This back view shows her below shoulder length, red traditional locks
 The time passed so quickly as we were catching up with one another.  Here the side view shows her parts are visible again.

Another happy client.

Hope you liked this

Until next time, happy hair.

Kittylocks x

Monday, 2 April 2012

Day of the Goddess 2012

Well it was that time of year again when it was the Summer equinox so I attended The Day of the Goddess 2012 held at the Unity Centre. See here for more details It was a women only, no men, no children event. A day for celebrating the Goddess within ourselves.  Organised by Redhed Qi above, a poet, performer, singer, designer and much more...and entailed inspirational speakers, workshops, poetry, singing performances and an indoor market selling traditional clothing, jewelry, bags, food, skin and hair care products, books, tapes and the list goes on. Here are some but not all of the Goddesses present. The moto of the day was "I am present, I am enough"

Above is Aama Sade co organiser, and is qualified to conduct celebrations and wore this beautiful outfit and compered the event. She also designed 4 sets of Vision Affirmation cards for Transformation, Self Reallignment, Unionship and Feelgood. 
This picture shows Redhed Qi presented with flowers in the middle with Aama Sade, to her right and Sister Doctor Sandra Richards phd on the left in gold and black.

 Sister Doctor Sandra Richards describes herself as a "Sister in service" and has authored books such as "The Journey" which is a self development work book, "The Way We See it" which examines the educational experience from an African perspective.  She and her Sister closed the day with an inspirational talk that struck a cord in both tears and laughter.

This is Yvonne Douglas and she is a life coach and counselor and authored her personal memoires of her life story  and struggle entitled. " Hungry for Love" and available from Amazon.  She was asked to read a random passage from her book which was very thought provoking. 
She was supported by her beautiful Daughter. Yvonne made both of their outfits too.  I have already placed my order for her book.

This drumming group got the house shaking and dancing.

 They put their heart and soul into the drumming.   It was really good to witness their skill and enjoyment.
Their drumming inspired a fantastic impromptu, cultural dance from a performer.

Below is Sister E from in a
 traditional outfit and seller of natural skin care products such as Shea butter and garments and bags from Ghana.  She wore this outfit with pride wow.

 Ebele shook the house with laughter in her workshop with her performance. "One yam for a star" will be forever etched in my memory.  I am laughing just thinking about this poem now lol
 Lacey Indigo Adigwu sang so beautifully that I ran out immediately to purchase her ear rings and her CD entitled "Love is Where You Are".  She had a lovely, clear, earthy voice and is a great guitar player.  Her spirit shone through her performance.  

Bashiyra The -Voice is a singer and performer and she rang out a song that got down to my bones, this is the only way I can describe it.  Find her at She is performing in her production "You Haven't Seen Nothing Yet" on Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd April at the Broadway Theatre in Catford. This is also a fundraiser event for the African Caribbean Leukaemia Trust

This is Solariss she is a dance instructor and she can be found at she had us shaking our stuff in a belly dance that spoke to my spirit as well as my body, so much that I started sweating and have emailed her to include me when she starts her belly dance classes.

I hope I have given you a taste of Day of the Goddess 2012, no disrespect to any one not captured here, I was having such a good time that I forgot to take pictures lol.  Don't miss out on Day of the Goddess 2013.

In the words of Day of the Goddess " I am present, I am enough"

Until next time