Sunday, 12 December 2010

3 Years

Happy birthday to me. My Sisterlocks (TM) are now 3 years old. Picture below are week old curls made by spritzing and braiding at night. You can really see the length here.

My sides are getting in the way now and have been getting caught up in my hand bag strap, when I am eating and working at my desk or computer so I have broken a few locks at my hair line, (pics to follow) without realising it. Now when driving I tie my hair out of the way of the seat belt and when eating or working at my desk.
Diamante pins support the front roll.
I find that I am braiding my hair less and tending to wear it down more.

Just thought I would put in a pic of my favourite style which is me wearing curls.
My challenges this year have been not knowing how to care for my hair during adverse weather conditions. This is the worst winter that England has had for over 100 years so no one was prepared and apparently there is more snow to come GROAN...
I am a sun worshiper and so are my locks...
I have learnt never to go out with wet hair otherwise this can cause mildew and breakage.
To increase my moisturizer to daily spritzing.
Always go out wearing a hat even if this is to go to and from my car as this protects my locks from the harsh winter wind which can do as much damage as cold rain and snow.
My Goals:
I want to do more styles with my hair. I noticed that when my hair was shorter I made more of an effort.
To increase my retightening regime to 6 instead of 8 weekly as my hair seems to be going through a growth spurt.
To be better at doing monthly deep conditioning as I have become busy these have been neglected.
Finally to have healthy, long hair...
Hope you enjoyed these.
Kittylocks xx

Thursday, 2 December 2010

Snowed in

This is the view of my drive this morning on my second day of being snowed in.

Anyone who lives in England knows that we have a history of being unable to cope with any type of weather conditions. Whether this is the wrong type of leaves, too much rain causing mass flooding or now too much snow.

We are apparently making history for being below temperatures and having such heavy and early snow.

People have been stranded in their cars on the roads for hours and even days.

Airports are closed.

There are no trains running.

Busses are very scarce.

Roads and pavements have not been gritted or sanded.

You may just be able to make out the top of my car. The picture below was yesterday morning, it continued to snow all night and day results above.

What have I done in these 2 days?

I have actually been working via the wonderful Blackberry! boo hoo don't cry!

also done all my washing, all my ironing, lots of cooking.

Lots of phone calls.

Now thinking of stripping some wall paper in the spare bedroom

I am hoping that I may be able to get out some time soooooooooooooon


Wednesday, 1 December 2010

35 months

Hi there this is my cheeky schoolgirl look freshly tightened.
I continue to prefer my hair to look wavy.
This is my work look.

My hair needs to be coloured here.

I cant believe that it is soon to be 3 years since the birth of my sisterlocks (TM).
Are they real? yes
Is each and every one of them different? yes just as every hair on my head is different.
And I still love them all the same.
Kittylocks xx

Client Sunshine

I am still enjoying bringing Sunshine to others.
Sunshine's hair was freshly tightened and flat twist were added to the front.
Hope you like this.
Please do not copy.