Tuesday, 23 March 2010

26 Months

Hi all this is my favourite style.

This is my second self re tightening. I am really enjoying this.

Up do and my hair needs re tightening.
Evening out with my favourite purple scarf.

Straight style.
Next update end of May.
Take care Kittylocks Xx

Client 2 "Sunshine"

Some of you have requested to see my clients so here is "Sunshine". I maintain her Sisterlocks(TM) every 6 weeks and her hair grows really quickly.

This style was created using 3, large flat twists to the left side with another below and over her ear. Hair was sprayed and secured using her locks.
This is the back view. I love her golden tips.

Right side showing the other 3 flat twists.
The journey of Sisterlocks(TM) is a really interesting one which teaches me new things every day about myself and others.
I have discovered another side to my creativity, that of styling others locks. I really enjoy this and can easily conjure up styles in my mind. I intend to continue posting the styles created on Sunshine on a 6 weekly basis.

After a few hours the session was ended with us both smiling.
Another happy customer.
Please do not copy anything from this blog.
Kittylocks XX

Christmas 2009

Hi there yes you did read right. It is March and I am just posting these 3 Christmas pics.

This is me with my Daughter. Not yet converted to Sisterlocks(TM) but rocking natural hair in braids.

As for me, I just washed my hair and let it air dry.

Here she is again, what a Princess and doesn't she know it.
Please do not copy.
Kittylocks XX