Wednesday, 4 March 2009

What is a Friend?

I have found my self reflecting on friendships past, present and future.
What is a friend? I hear you ask.
A friend can be male of female
is some one who truly loves you for your inner self
Whom you can call on at midnight
to have a chin wag or cry to when you have a problem
A friend wishes only the best for you
with out jealousy or rivalry
A friend is some one who allows you to make your own mistakes
without telling I told you so
someone who will tell you when you are wrong
without fear or prejudice
Some one who is honest and that you can trust.
A friend wants you to do better for yourself.
I am lucky to have four such people who are special friends in my life. I praise God for them every day and try to reciprocate some of what they give to me.
Please do not copy without my permission.

14 Months

Hi all I am 14 months into my locks and loving them. Most have sealed and I never have a bad hair day. My hair is recovering from previous bad treatment and becoming thicker. I tried an experiment of washing my hair every week for 8 weeks. Yes you did hear right me and washing my hair in the same sentence! It worked and my hair swelled up more.See picture below.

I am really trying new things and decided to try soft spikes. I used 30 small, long spikes. I spritz my hair first with my own mixture and then left them in over night.
This was the result when I took them out. No styling here.

I then loosely made a style. Family and friends loved it. I will try this one again with more spikes next time.

Well its time to go and for all the locks lovers out there. Remember the best thing for our hair is to: "leave it alone" and you will be rewarded with long, thick, luscious hair. All locks are beautiful but not the same.
Happy locks.
Please don't copy without my permission.