Monday, 21 February 2011

Guess Where ?

Hi there as you know I have a hot foot and love long haul travel. Well guess where I have been?
Yes you were right, I went to Jamaica for 2 weeks in the Sun. After the coldest winter in England for 100 years my hair desperately needed some real vitamin D. I stayed in Run Away Bay and Montego Bay, 2 weeks all inclusive on the beach....
I saw all different locks, they were everywhere. Many people stopped me to ask me about my hair.
Temperatures went up to 30 degrees even though it was winter there. I wore my hair mainly up at night and down during the day. This is me going out for the night to celebrate my birthday.

This is me trying not to fall out of a hammock! even in the early evening it was still quite hot!

I have to get the obligatory beach shot in. I rinsed my hair daily using conditioner after either lounging on the beach and or swimming in the sea and washed weekly with shampoo. Initially I was worried that my hair might get dry due to the sudden weather change but I did not need to use any moisturiser at all.

Me at Dunn's river falls. When I came home my hair had really really grown. Looks like I will have to keep traveling to accelerate my hair growth never mind taking Biotin or multivitamins I just need some real sun lol...
I am already planning my next jaunt!
Kittylocks xx