Thursday, 29 September 2011

Sisterlocks (TM) Take Down?

Hi all what have I been doing in the time that I last wrote a post?.

I confess that I had a funny moment. 

A moment when I wanted to run a comb through my hair, feel my fingers truly running through my hair and scalp. 

Why and why now? I asked myself.  After 3 1/2 years of having beautiful, glorious Sisterlocks(TM.)

One of the reasons why I started locks in the first place was to run away from the comb.  I knew that cultivated locks are not care free and they still have to be looked after but no combing would be involved.

I used to have to beg and plead my Mum to do my hair because I could not manage it.  She would grudgingly give in muttering under her breath " I don't know why you put this false hair in your head" and she would conk the back of my hand if I put my hand in my hair before she had undone the latest hairstyle, braids, weave, kinky twists... 

On other occasions she enjoyed herself so much that my scalp would be sore afterwards.

This feeling was odd because I love the feel of my soft locks brushing my shoulders and back.

And yet still I watched blogs dedicated to loose, natural hair care.

I fantasised about what it would be like to have loose hair again and the styles that I could do.

I told myself that now that I know so much more about hair care I would never make the same mistakes as before.

I read blogs where women had taken down their locks and started again.

In the past I could never understand why after years of growing locks women would take them down only to start again or not.

Now I understood.

Note the past tense as this moment has gone as quickly as it came and before I could do anything (that I might regret) about it.

My Sisterlocks(TM) remain intact.

As I march onwards to my fourth year in December.

Happy reading Kittylocks x.