Saturday, 20 December 2014

Hair Styles

Hi all I have had a request to post my favourite hair styles worn over the years, so here goes:

I loved this style because it had longevity, I could wear it all week and just tie my head at night and wake up looking good. I was still coloring my hair at this stage.

This is a variation of the previous style however with larger flat twist that go all the way to the back and finished off in a tuck.  I wore this to a fitness weekend and joined in many classes, including sauna, swimming and steam.

Here I was modelling for the Afro Hair and Beauty show and wearing Wrapalocs.  I love love love this style as it really opened out my face and I got lots of compliments for the 2 weeks that I wore them in.  I only took them out as I needed to retighten my hair or else I would have left them in for longer.  On taking them down I was left with spiral curls which lasted way past my retightening.
From the beginning of my lock journey I enjoyed wearing up dos and this is one of them.
These flat twists were done so that I could wear my hat for Ascot and still have a pretty hair style underneath.
This is a loosely rolled updo. I don't usually use pins as I feel as though they are too much for my scalp however on this occasion I did to keep the roll of hair in place.
This style is post retightening when the hair was very fresh.  I have always liked it when my partings are exposed as I think the hair looks really neat.

Another updo this time looking a bit teddy boyish lol with a cross over basket weave at the back. I still wear this style regularly.

This was not meant to be a style at all.  I braided and banded my hair and washed it but then was too lazy to take the braids out so went out to a night club with them styled like this. Have you ever done this, if so what was the reaction? I laughed to myself as everyone complimented me on my hair style not knowing that it was born out of sheer laziness,
This day was so hot I just needed all my hair tucked away into this wrap and roll.
This is a side view of my Ascot hair style and worked well with my hat. 
I then decided that I would stop coloring so you can see ive gone for the two tone look and made some large flat twists at the back.
I did some large single braids at the side again intending to take them out for a crinkly look but then did not bother.

I kept up with the no color and had just retightened so these two pictures show the amount of my regrowth and how dark it is.

The two colours is a really good way of keeping track of my growth.
This picture is in 2014 and you can see that I barely have any colour left in my hair at all. After retightening, I flat twisted the front and back up.
Then braided the ends of the flat twists in single braids and coiled them around themselves to form this bun. I did this for a fitness and salsa weekend and it lasted all weekend throughout all of the activities, swimming and sauna.

2014 and this style is to show the texture of my new growth which is thick and dark.
I still go for the crinkly look and have begun to cut off the coloured ends of my hair periodically. I had made a drastic cut by now from bra strap length back to shoulder length.

I think this style is called a fish bone.

Of all the styles I just love to have my hair braided away even if its in these 2 big braids down the side of my face.
I hope you enjoyed these. Next time I will post on my hair cuts over the years for my sixth year Sisterlocks anniversary.
Until next time
Kittylocks x

Sunday, 3 August 2014

Client Feature, Gardenia 13 Weeks Update

Here is Gardenia 13 weeks after her installation.
This shot is after her retightening.The back of her hair was uneven with a gap in the middle. Her hair has now swollen and lengthened so that it is nearly all one length at the back. You can still see traces of the relaxer near her ends.
 Her temple area was sparce with a broken hair line and I was unable to install any locks there at all. Now its filling in nicely.
This is really good progress in a short space of time and demonstrates just how forgiving Sisterlocks (TM) are.

She's really loving her hair.

Another beauty.

Until next time

Sunday, 18 May 2014

Client Feature, Gardenia

I am often asked whether it necessary for clients to cut off their relaxed hair in order to have Sisterlocks(TM) installed.
The answer is that it depends on client preference.  As long as there is 1 1/2 inches of virgin hair then Sisterlocks(TM can be installed.
Here is Gardenia, she had been growing out the relaxer for 6 months prior to her installation.

There is still quite a bit of relaxer in her hair. 
She had a damaged hair line with hair loss visible at her temples. 

 The back and side views show that the majority of her hair is straight.

Gardenia can roll her hair on rollers or rods (with out any bristles or teeth) so that the different textures are less visible.  Over time she may decide whether she wants to cut these ends off or not.
I will keep you updated on Gardenias progress 4 weeks post installation.
See you next time

Saturday, 5 April 2014

Hair Style

Hi all I am back sorry for the delay, life has become very busy of late with show casing my new product range but more on that later.

Here is a picture of me using a bun ring to show that even though I cut my locks they can still be styled in this way. I spritzed my clean hair using my own Lemon grass hair mist.

I don't think I will do this style regularly as I felt that the synthetic bun ring held my locks too tight and scratched my scalp but as an occasional style it will be fine.

My locks have really condensed now and I continue to grow out the colour and there is no looking back so far in terms of this.

I love my locks but am considering a drastic cut as a change!

I think my optimum length is shoulder length, anything longer and my hair starts to get on my nerves and keeps getting caught up in seat belts, handbags and when dancing and I notice that I tend to wear my hair up more and packed away anyway.  Can you believe that after growing my hair for 6 years now I am saying this lol

I would also like to let you know about this Natural hair expo which is taking place tomorrow.

It promises to be very good, with all things natural for our hair, skin and bodies.

So why not come along.

For those of you who have been asking Kittylocks Hair Product range will be available at this event so I hope to see you there.

Next time I will give you an update of my hair cuts over the last year.

Until next time.