Thursday, 21 June 2012

Ascot 2012

Hi all life has been very busy for me lately.

However there is always time to treat myself so I commissioned this made to measure outfit from Blaque Ribbon for Ascot 2012. This lady is talented,very professional and produced a very well made outfit for me in a fabric of my choice.
Check out her

The front of my hair was flat twisted to the centre of my head and secured using locks so that I could fit my fascinator in the middle.

The rest of my hair was set the night before on medium curl formers up to 5 locks per curler and I used a spritz of water and setting lotion for fine hair. In the morning I just slipped them out and here is the end result.

As usual at Ascot time went by very quickly however I did place 2 bets and managed to win some money, it was really exciting.

It rained on and off all day and the skys were grey this did not stop the fun but by the end of the day any little curls that I started off with were gone.
Below is the back of my dress.  I love the cut of this dress, many people stopped me at Ascot to compliment me on my outfit.

I also wanted to do some work on my physical self development.

So I altered my eating habits as I felt that the pounds were piling on.  I reduced my meat especially red meat intake, I eat my main meal at lunchtime, am semi raw by eating mainly uncooked food for my evening meal, enhanced my intake of water, fish, fruits and vegetables.

I also upped my fitness routine and added to my programme of zumba and salsa dancing, gym and  joined a running group.  Yes you did read right... me and running group in the same sentence and guess what? I find that I love to run and now run between 2-3 times a week outside in the local area. Even on a Sunday morning at 07.30am when I would usually be enjoying a Sunday lie in. I have never been able to run on a treadmill I don't know why.
Here is another style worn over the last few months.
Back view of rolled and tucked hair.
The results of these activities are that I have lost 1 stone in weight and a few inches because my clothes fit better and maintained this even whilst on holiday to Thailand.  It must have been all that walking to the shops.

My skin is very good, I still have that Thailand glow even though it has been raining and freezing since I returned to England and my heating has remained on!

My hair always appears to have regrowth which can only be good.  I am aiming to get to 6 years before giving it a good cut yes I am onto this one again.  I have some stragglers which could do with it but don't worry as I have 1 year and 6 months to go before this day...
Side view, I did continue rolling and tucking all my hair away but the battery in my camera died so I don't have  a final picture.
The longer lengths of time in between colour touch ups will be a good barometer to judge how much my hair is growing.  Since changing my diet my regrowth is jet black, I have never had jet black hair in my life so this is an interesting development.  Its a shame that my grey patch in the front remains grey.

Front view.

Hope you liked these pictures.

Until next time