Monday, 20 August 2012

Fitness Weekender

Hi all I attended the UFD Summer Fitness and Spa weekender courtesy of which was held at the Crown Plaza, Five Lakes
The weekend ran from Friday 1pm to Sunday 1pm with numerous fitness classes on offer.
There was a theme night which was army gear so I will spare you the sweaty pictures and here I am.
I had a great time and tried some new work outs such as Bokwa which is a dance and fitness routine that builds up your cardio, respiratory endurance and weight loss.  I also tried Jukari fit to flex (TM) which is inspired by Cirque Du soleil and Reebok, it was fun and helps to increase flexibility and coordination.

I did Zumba, aqua Zumba, a Shines Salsa class (focusing on lady's salsa foot work) and ended with a box mania class using hand weights.  I have never used weights before and this was the most challenging of classes for me. I even managed to fit in a sauna and steam so all in all it was a very active weekend.

So what about my hair you say? well clean and newly retightened hair was flat twisted to the centre of my head with single braids at the back and I did all activities like this even rinsing my hair and letting it air dry in the sun.  I undid it for Saturday night for my signature crinkly look. (Sorry no pics of this as I was too busy dancing lol.)
Hope you enjoyed this post.
Until next time
Kittylocks x