Saturday, 19 May 2012

Thailand Holiday

Hi there I have been missing in action. So where have I been? I went to Thailand to an island named Koh Samui. I flew via Thai Airways who offered exceptional service.  The flight was around 13 hours to Bangkok, then another 1 1/2 hours to Koh Samui, then 15 minutes to the Hotel.  Average temperatures were 40 degrees which was a blessed relief after all the cold winds and rain of England lol

I needed some real sun and vitamin D on my bones...  and boy did I get it. There was no difference in day and night temperatures, with little wind and the humidity was very very high.

This is me on the balcony of my hotel getting ready to go down for breakfast then the beach.

On the beach getting some vitamin D. It was 40 degrees in the shade, lovely.

We stayed at the Centara Grand Beach Resort in Samui, this is an area of the lobby. see here for more information
On a bed and breakfast basis. This Hotel is on a quieter part of Chaweng beach but outside the hotel there are many shops, banks, bars and restaurants.

All the rooms in the Hotel are beach facing ours was a deluxe with balcony and 2 chair beds with lovely white foam cushions.

This is the series of fresh water pools which were always clean. and refreshed nightly.  There is a bar  and an outside Jacuzzi. 

This is another part of the entrance. apparently the Hotel had suffered major floods the year before but you could not tell at all.  Staff were always washing, cleaning and painting to ensure the upkeep of the Hotel.

Everywhere on the road side are these shrines to God to protect travellers on their journeys.  people put candles, food, drink, money and lights on them and they are never defaced. Drivers hoot their horns when passing as they can not take their hands off the steering wheel to pray.

This is me on an island tour at Viewpoint which had these large rocks.  This was the first time I can say I got some breeze during my stay and it was wonderful!

This Monk died and was some how naturally, perfectly preserved, he even had RayBans on lol

This is the entrance to the Temple of the mummified Monk.

Koh Samui has 2 Waterfalls, this is me in front of the smallest. They also did Elephant riding here.

This day like every day was blazing sun.  If I remember correctly I walked up 161 stairs to get to this statue which is called Big Buddha.

How was my hair? This was the first holiday where I can say my hair did not fair too well, especially if I left it out during the day.  I realised quickly that the humidity was too much for my locks, they seemed to swell, puff and open therefore got damaged easily.  So I wore my hair up in a variety of updos, when swimming in the sea and also on rinsing.  At night I might leave some hair up and some down just to keep me cool as there was no difference in the day and night temperatures.  It was hot hot hot! I can empathise with those of you with locks and who reside in humid countries.

I love sea food especially Lobster yum yum

Of course no meal is complete without a drink and here I am, this wine came after the Campari aperitif and before the Champagne lol

I thoroughly enjoyed my holiday to Thailand Koh Samui and if time permits, as you know my holiday list is long, I would love to go again and I would stay in the same hotel.

Hope you enjoyed this post and don't forget to let me know that you are there and comment.

Kittylocks x