Monday, 4 November 2013

Kittylocks Products

Kittylocks Hair Products  
Hi all well as you know I love to keep myself busy, well here is my latest venture:
I showcased my hair products at an event named Natural November courtesy of Debrose.  Check out:

All Kittylocks hair products are suitable for all hair types including natural, locked, relaxed, Caucasian, Asian and Bi racial.  They are freshly made to order by my own hand.  They contain high grade ingredients which will be kind to your tresses in order to support a clean scalp, knot free hair, enhance moisture and thus aid hair manageability, may aid retention and thus promote hair growth.

They are kind to your scalp and hair and will cleanse them appropriately.

Where stated some products may contain certified organic ingredients. 

All products have been fully safety tested to comply with Cosmetic Safety legislation.

Kittylocks Shampoo

250ml Dry Hair shampoo, can be used regularly and followed up with Kittylocks Lavender & Geranium conditioner to leave you with silky, soft, manageable hair.
Ingredients:detergents, omega, guar gum, Eco preservatives, essential oil of Lavender.£10

Herbal Shampoos:

Kittylocks herbal shampoos are made with fresh herbs which may aid and promote stronger hair growth.  Therefore the shampoos are brown in colour and smell divine according to which essential oils have been added.

250ml Birch and Horsetail herbal shampoo.

Ingredients: fresh Birch and Horsetail leaves, detergents, D-Panthenol, Omega, bio energiser, Guar gum, eco preservative, essential oil of Birch. £13
250ml Rosemary and Lavender herbal Shampoo.
Ingredients: fresh Rosemary leaves, detergents, D-Panthenol, Omega, Guar gum, Eco preservative. Essential Oils of Rosemary and Lavender £13



250ml Lavender and Geranium conditioner. 

Ingredients: phytokeratin, honey moisturiser, D Panthenol, NFF moisturizer, Vegetal emulsifier, cetyl alcohol, eco preservative,
guar gum, xanthan gum, vitamin E oil, essential oils of Lavender and Geranium. 
This conditioner will give your hair lustre, aid moisture, promote retention and shine whilst also making it more manageable £12

 Hair Oils
100ml Hair Oil can be applied warm to clean dry hair and scalp up to 3 times a week to strengthen the hair. It is easily absorbed into the hair and scalp without leaving any undue residue or sticky feeling.
Massage the warm oil into the scalp and hair if required gently using the pads of fingers, do not scratch. This product will provide a nice tingle.
Ingredients: Sweet Almond Oil, Coconut oil, Jamaican black castor oil, organic Hemp oil, Essential oils of Peppermint, Rosemary, £12

100ml Relaxed and Natural Hair oil can be used warm or at room temperature on clean relaxed or clean natural dry hair to hydrate the scalp and hair up to 3 times per week.  It can also be used to blow hair straight after washing using a hair dryer with a pik attachment.
Ingredients: Sweet Almond oil, Coconut oil, Jojoba oil, Safflower oil, Sesame seed oil, organic Broccoli seed oil £13

Moisturising Hair Mists
100ml Hair mists are designed to freshen up your hair and to aid moisture retention.  They may also provide a mild tingle to your scalp.
Priced at £5 per 100ml and come in a variety of gorgeous smells and use essential oils such as: Rosemary, Juniper, Lavender and peppermint, Lemongrass, Tea Tree. They also contain coconut oil, sweet almond oil and mineral water.
They are a handy size so that they fit neatly into your handbag and can be used as often as required.
 Gift Sets
1x 250ml Herbal Shampoo
1x 250ml Conditioner
Price: £24

1x 250ml Herbal Shampoo
1x 250ml Conditioner
1x 100ml Hair Mist
Price: £29

1x 250ml Herbal Shampoo
1x 250ml Conditioner
1x 100ml Hair Mist
1x 100ml Hair Oil
Price: £40

I would like to thank all of my customers for trialling my products over the last 2 years and giving me feedback to enable me to develop them and to thank all of you for your support, help, advice and custom.

Postage & packaging will be extra, go on treat yourself.

Items may be purchased at:
Thank you for your custom.
Enjoy Kittylocks

(These pictures are for representative purposes only, products may vary.)

Monday, 7 October 2013

Client Feature, Rose

Here is Rose.  In this before shot you can see Rose hair which has been natural for about 4 years having grown out a relaxer. 
She used to wear her hair in braids and twists.
Her hair still had relaxer in it and was dead straight at the nape, with some split ends and some damage to her temples.
However Sisterlocks(TM) are very forgiving and this is the end result after 9 hours 20 minutes.
UPDATE BELOW: 6 weeks later and her hair has swollen nicely.

 The relaxer is still there.
As her hair grows out over time she can decide whether she wishes to cut the relaxer off or leave the 2 textures.

Hope you enjoyed these.

Kittylocks x

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Client Feature: Princess

I would like to introduce my youngest Sisterlocks(TM) client named Princess. At the tender age of 6 she had never relaxed her hair and wore braided and twisted styles. As you can see she has some thinning at her temple area, around her ears and there was also some thinning to the nape of her neck.

 The body of her hair however was long and plentiful.
 9 hours and many cartoons later and Princess had started her journey.  She was so excited but she managed to sit and even had a small nap whilst her hair was being transformed. Over time these thinning areas will fill in with new hair and new locks will be installed.

After her installation she went on holiday and was swimming in the sea and pool every day.  Sisterlocks(TM) are so versatile that you can do this straight away without fear of them coming undone.
 Sisterlocks(TM) can be installed on younger children as long as they are able and willing to sit for them in comfort and with many breaks.
Her journey has started and now she tells her mummy "no slip" meaning no grease, no oils, no conditioner, no sprays, no gels and her hair will grow looooong!

I will keep you posted on Princess journey.

Happy hair


Saturday, 13 July 2013

Ascot 2013, Ladies Day

This is me at Royal Ascot, Ladies Day.

I did not do too much to my hair, just a few flat twists to the middle of my hair and then left it loose and with waves at the back so that my hat could stay on.

It was my lucky day because I won 3 out of 4 races that I bet on.  How much did I win you ask? .....well that would be telling.


Client Feature, Hyacinth

This is Hyacinth at 16 weeks, her hair is really growing.

As you can see its down the nape of her neck already. This is the beauty of Sisterlocks(TM).

Kittylocks x

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Client Feature, Hyacinth 8 weeks post installation

Here is Hyacinth at 8 weeks post installation.  As you can see her hair has grown and lengthened.  Due to her curl pattern and not wanting to disturb her locks too much, she washed twice during this time. She loves her locks and I was reliably informed that her Sister ran her hands through her hair in admiration.  Hyacinths HAIR BAND, (I had to put this in bold as this was an essential item for her for many many years) has been put into retirement never to see the light of day again.  As usual after her retightening session Hyacinth was living in the mirror, luckily I have a few in my home lol

Until next time


Tuesday, 7 May 2013

64 Months

I wanted to share this style with you as usual done on hair that needed retightening. The style was done just before I went to bed with a silk scarf tied over it so that my hair would stay flat and without any frizzies. The front was wrapped to the front and tucked under, the sides were braided down in large braids which I secured on the ends.

 This side view minus the bands on the ends.  My intention had been to undo the braids so that I would have a wavy fringe, however in the end I left them.
The back view shows 6 large twists up to the centre of my head and secured for the first night with 1 pin at the top of each twist but after the first night I removed them.  This style lasted for 1 week through my running, gym and the sauna and until I took it down.

I have had locs for 64 months now and still love them especially since I had them cut.

Next time I will try a bun to see if this can still be done on my hair length.

Until next time

happy hair


Friday, 29 March 2013

Client Feature, Hyacinth

This is Hyacinth installation.  She has never worn her natural hair out and usually wears wigs or adds extensions to her hair.  After doing her research she chose to come home to Sisterlocks(TM).  She shaved her hair and allowed it to grow out into this even shape below.

16 hours and 20 minutes later and she is on her Sisterlocks(TM) journey. It is a very satisfying and humbling experience to play a part in some ones natural hair journey.

The style below was created by making 3 large, loose flat twist up to the top of her hair and secured using her locks. The front is in 2 large braids which when taken out will be a fringe with a middle parting.Her hair looks very glossy and shiny in these pictures but as time goes by and her locks begin to change and swell, I would expect her locks to lose this glossy look.

I have to share with you that once her installation was completed I could not keep Hyacinth away from the mirror, she was examining her hair this way and that way and playing with it.
She chose to go home wearing 2 low bunches.

Hyacinth swims regularly so I gave her some instructions of how to keep her new Sisterlocks(TM) in tact.

Watch out for her updates.


Kittylocks x

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Sisterlocks(TM) Cut 63 Months

My locks are now 63 months old and as you know I have wanted to cut them for some time as they are uneven at the back.  I am very accident prone and have treated my locks roughly in the past catching them on seat belts, hand bag straps and  clothing.
I wanted to wait until 6 years to cut them but the final straw was when I went out to dance salsa, my hair kept getting caught around my dance partners arms.
This is my washed hair,some locks are bra strap length whilst others are shorter. I asked a friend to cut my locks well when he described and demonstrated to me how he would do this, I must admit that I was afraid! Then I went to sweet talk my Daughter, she said " no no no Mum I might make a mistake and then you will blame me" She was immune to my coaxing. Finally I went to my Sister who has just completely cut off her waist length, traditional locks. Having made the decision I was not going to give up so easily.  This is the result.
My new length has taken a little getting used to but I absolutely love it and wish I had cut my locks before.  I don't know what I was waiting for but as Mum says : "nothing happens before its time" So what have I learnt? it is only hair and can and will grow back.  I have demonstrated to myself that I can grow my hair past my shoulders and that I do not have a terminal hair length.  My locks no longer get caught up and I can still have a pony tail.  I will cut my locks every year now and am considering a fringe!

This is what was cut off, it was not much at all and yet it has made such a difference to the look of my hair. I tend to have very loose texture and fine hair, some of my locks are still not sealed so I will need to be careful when washing with conditioner.  The cut has made my hair look and feel fuller and it hangs better.  No more getting caught up.

I am still going with the two tone look and have no inclination to colour at all.

PS I kept the cut locks I don't know why but even now I can not let them go. Would you keep your locks if you cut them? and if so do you have a special place for them?

I hope you enjoyed these pictures.

Until next time


Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Client Feature, Lupin & Peaches

Hi there remember Lupin? she has traditional locks retightened using the Sisterlocks (TM) method.

Here she is sporting a wicked style.
 I like to use as few adornments when styling as possible therefore her hair was loosely crossed over and secured at the bottom using hair. This lasted for 2 days, covered at night before it naturally came out.
 Side views. I did not want to put undue tension on her hair line as this can cause hair loss over time so left a few shorter locks out thereby framing her face.

Here is Peaches with the same hair style on freshly tightened 3 year old Sisterlocks (TM)
 This time I used 1 hair pin to secure the end due to her hairs density and did not continue the crossing over of the hair to the bottom for the same reason producing a slight variation.
 If you are doing this style on your self you don't even need a mirror and it can be done going down as in these pictures or going up.
Its really an honour that my clients allow me to style their hair and don't they both look gorgeous?

Until next time

Kittylocks x