Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Sisterlocks(TM) Cut 63 Months

My locks are now 63 months old and as you know I have wanted to cut them for some time as they are uneven at the back.  I am very accident prone and have treated my locks roughly in the past catching them on seat belts, hand bag straps and  clothing.
I wanted to wait until 6 years to cut them but the final straw was when I went out to dance salsa, my hair kept getting caught around my dance partners arms.
This is my washed hair,some locks are bra strap length whilst others are shorter. I asked a friend to cut my locks well when he described and demonstrated to me how he would do this, I must admit that I was afraid! Then I went to sweet talk my Daughter, she said " no no no Mum I might make a mistake and then you will blame me" She was immune to my coaxing. Finally I went to my Sister who has just completely cut off her waist length, traditional locks. Having made the decision I was not going to give up so easily.  This is the result.
My new length has taken a little getting used to but I absolutely love it and wish I had cut my locks before.  I don't know what I was waiting for but as Mum says : "nothing happens before its time" So what have I learnt? it is only hair and can and will grow back.  I have demonstrated to myself that I can grow my hair past my shoulders and that I do not have a terminal hair length.  My locks no longer get caught up and I can still have a pony tail.  I will cut my locks every year now and am considering a fringe!

This is what was cut off, it was not much at all and yet it has made such a difference to the look of my hair. I tend to have very loose texture and fine hair, some of my locks are still not sealed so I will need to be careful when washing with conditioner.  The cut has made my hair look and feel fuller and it hangs better.  No more getting caught up.

I am still going with the two tone look and have no inclination to colour at all.

PS I kept the cut locks I don't know why but even now I can not let them go. Would you keep your locks if you cut them? and if so do you have a special place for them?

I hope you enjoyed these pictures.

Until next time



Locs2Envy said...

I just recently cut some of mine as well. Your hair looks much fuller and healthier since your cut. Nice!

Locksie C said...

Both are nice but it does look better after the cut. Love the colour and yes I probably would keep when and if I cut it!!

Bajan Lily said...

Love it!

Bajan Lily said...

Love it! It looks great :)

Afrolady said...

Your locs look great!! Love the color and I am thinking of going a little lighter myself. We will see........Peace!!

Kittylocks said...

Thanks so much Locs2envy, locksie, bajan lily and afrolady i will post some style pictures shortly x