Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Client Feature: Princess

I would like to introduce my youngest Sisterlocks(TM) client named Princess. At the tender age of 6 she had never relaxed her hair and wore braided and twisted styles. As you can see she has some thinning at her temple area, around her ears and there was also some thinning to the nape of her neck.

 The body of her hair however was long and plentiful.
 9 hours and many cartoons later and Princess had started her journey.  She was so excited but she managed to sit and even had a small nap whilst her hair was being transformed. Over time these thinning areas will fill in with new hair and new locks will be installed.

After her installation she went on holiday and was swimming in the sea and pool every day.  Sisterlocks(TM) are so versatile that you can do this straight away without fear of them coming undone.
 Sisterlocks(TM) can be installed on younger children as long as they are able and willing to sit for them in comfort and with many breaks.
Her journey has started and now she tells her mummy "no slip" meaning no grease, no oils, no conditioner, no sprays, no gels and her hair will grow looooong!

I will keep you posted on Princess journey.

Happy hair