Thursday, 24 June 2010


Hi to you all and thank you all for your comments. I thought I would post these pictures of me at the races last week. I went to Ascot with 18 other Nubian queens. I shampooed and conditioned my hair and braided in large, loose single braids which were left in overnight.
I then loosely took them out and here are the results.
As you know the one drink that I can not resist is Champagne and with my Daughter doing the honours of driving and collecting myself and a friend from the station, I just had to indulge. This drink is semi sweet and has a kick when the air hits you. Or that's what I am telling myself anyway. My daughter kept telling me I was "lean" !
My hair needs a colour and a retightening here.

These pictures were taken in my back garden and before any Champs, I promise.
See you next time.
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Friday, 4 June 2010

Sri Lanka and Hair?

I coloured my hair and the sun made it go bright orange?
Everywhere I went people stared at me. Initially I thought "What a rude set of people" then I remembered my hair. Having lived in my locks now for 28 months I am used to them but others are not. Sri lankan people love their hair. Women tend to wear it long and black. I never saw anyone with coloured hair and this is what was drawing people to me. I was asked how I washed and conditioned my hair and told that I had hair like Bob Marley.

One day I was lounging on the beach to find a young man stroking my hair. Yes I did say stroking and did I say I liked it? well he was young.........and handsome......

I cant believe just how bright my hair went. This is something to remember for future holidays.

This is me enjoying a cocktail the night before coming home.
These are a few samples of my holiday pics. I hope you like them. Sri Lanka is a beautiful and unspoilt destination whose people are very welcoming and there are lots of historical sights to see.
Kittylocks XX
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Sri Lanka Part 2

This is Sri lanka holiday part 2. I climbed the Sigiriya Rock Fortress. If you look closely you can see the metal stairs. This was no joke as it was in the blazing sun and there was a lot of wind. It was quite scary!

There used to be over 500 fresco's near the top of the Fortress but due to weather and graffiti there are only 21 left now. The colours looked very vivid and reminded me of the paintings in the Egyptian tombs.

In Kandy there was a cultural show. Below is the mask dance and the snake dance. Some dances are still used today as a treatment in Psychiatry.

During the show this man went into a trance and ate fire and danced on hot coals.

Finally me with 2 porcupines.

Kittylocks x

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Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Sri Lanka Holiday

Sri Lanka Holiday Part 1

Hi all I was due to go for a 2 week holiday to Thailand from 7th May to 22nd May only to hear a few days before that the holiday was cancelled due to problems with the "red shirts" see Then my tour company offered me a 5 star Hotel on the beach in Sri Lanka. Of course I said yes because after planning for nearly a year I was not going to do without my holiday.

Sri Lanka is an island off the south eastern shores of India, 880 km north of the equator, on the Indian ocean.

The religion is primarily Buddhism 70%, Hinduism 16%, Christianity 7%, Islam 7%.

The major industries are Gems, Jewelry, spices and Teas.

It is approximately 10 hours flight from London Heathrow on Sri Lankan airways. Now you all know that I am a frequent flyer and I have never liked plane food but this food was the best I have tasted on any airway so far. Staff were attentive and professional with unlimited alcohol, 30kg baggage allowance and you know us girls love to take our bedroom with us on holiday.

I stayed at the 5 star Heritance Ahungalla Hotel see here: This Hotel has so many facilities such as a gym, sauna and spa, disco, a number of bars and restaurants. The only issue is that it is 3 hours drive from the international airport but even this would not stop me from going there again.

It is stunning on a clean beach. Staff were very friendly and could not do too much. The Hotel management took customer service very seriously. This was my room, It overlooked one of two pools and was in view of the sea.

View from the room,

I went on a 3 day trip to kandy the main City in Sri lanka and visited an elephant orphanage. This is a baby elephant.

It was 32 degrees and monsoon season but I only had 3 days of rain during my 14 days. This is me on the beach.

Inside a temple. On entering any temple you must walk bare feet and women must cover their arms and legs. You are permitted to take photographs with some Buddhas but must never turn your back on a Buddha as this is seen as disrespectful. I noticed that on many street corners and in every town there are many Buddha statues and that these are very well kept. Me with a friend at the Elephant orphanage.

These ruins still had some original plaster inside.

Everywhere was decorated with carvings of animals especially Elephants.

This was also an impressive structure.

I found this picture hiding behind a pillar at the Temple of the Tooth in Kandy and I had to photograph it because I thought it was so beautiful.
This is the Golden Temple in Kandy. This was very very impressive.

This was made out of 1 whole piece of stone...

We were not allowed to pose in the picture with this statue.

I love stone and Sri Lanka certainly has some hidden treasures that I did not expect to find. Sri Lankans are very proud of their heritage.
Part 2 to follow...
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