Monday, 25 January 2010

25 Months

Hi there I am not sure that much has changed with my hair as I am now 25 months in to having Sisterlocks(TM) I decided to try a new colour named Pomegranate and by Sta Sof-Fro. Why I hear you ask? because it is becoming increasingly difficult for me to get the Textures and Tones in Flaming Desire by Clairol. Here are the results.
The colour was easy to mix and apply and left my hair soft and shiny. But I felt that it smelt a bit strong.

I think the colour is a bit too red for me so back to Flaming Desire I go! Difficult or not I don't think I will deviate again.
I have also started to retighten my own hair since attending the Sisterlocks(TM) training. On the first go my neck and arms hurt like hell because I tried to do it all in one sitting. I realise not to put any pressure on myself so the next time did it over 2 sessions. I know I joined a few but hey that's not bad for my first time.

This is how I kept myself warm during the English snow. Its a cross between a wrap and a Hijab and made quite a stir at work as a colleague went to the shops and bought a scarf for me to show her how to wrap her hair.

This is another wrap and in my favourite colour Purple.
I know I have to post my Christmas pics they are coming next, I know it wont be in order but I hope you will forgive me.
Happy Locks
Kittylocks XX
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