Friday, 21 September 2012


I recently went on a jaunt to Amsterdam having never been there before.  I must say that I remain very impressed by the transport system. At only 45 minutes away from London its a great option for a long weekend.  I arrived at Schipol airport and without having to walk very far were trains to Central Amsterdam as well as other destinations. The bicycle is king over there versus the motorist or even pedestrians! I saw between 1-3 people on bikes with shopping and children. I am sorry I never got the chance to have a go  myself.
I loved the buildings, went on canal rides, ate at many restaurants, for me the Surinam food was the best and of course the shopping. The next time I go I promise to go with a large, empty suitcase!

I took a train ride to Rotterdam and saw this apartment complex which is built sideways. It made me feel quite dizzy just looking up at them.

Everything in the apartments was tall, thin and narrow including the stairs and good use was made of every bit of space. Just look at this building below also in Rotterdam.

I met up with Lupin and did her hair.  Clean traditional locks were retightened. This red colour really suits her.

I went with my locks styled in the usual curly style but as the days went by the curls dropped out and I was surprised at my length when my friend took this shot.
I am remaining with the two tone look and have not coloured for some time now. 
You can see my layers especially the bottom 4 inches which I think I might cut to neaten up my hair.
Just waiting to get up the courage and hoping that when I take up the scissors I don't go too far and end up with that asymetric bobb that I have been promising myself.
Hope you enjoyed these pictures and don't forget to let me know that you are there.
Until next time Kittylocks x