Thursday, 20 December 2012

5 Years

5 Years ago I decided to take my hair in hand and began my journey into Sisterlocks(TM). Who would have thought that 5 years later I would go on to become a certified Consultant myself bringing my craft to others? I am still thrilled by seeing the look on my clients faces when I hold up the mirror.

 Here is a length check and I admit to taking up the scissors, just a little snip here and there to cut off some stragglers. I will try to wait until year 6 for the main cut but would like to cut a least 4-6 inches off then.
I want to cut back to my shoulders as I think I managed my hair better at this length.  I tend to be accident prone and am constantly catching my ends on my hand bag, seat belt and clothing lol

I am really getting used to the two tone look now and have not returned to colour. Below is a picture of my freshly washed hair but I need a retightening,
My regime remains the same, in the summer I wash every week or more depending on how often I have been to the gym, in the winter I wash monthly, yes you heard right old habits die hard.  I still braid and band to wash my hair as I find it easier to control my hair that way. I try to deep condition every month but sometimes this is every 8 weeks just before I retighten. I had started to do retighten every 4 weeks but I think this is too much manipulation for my hair and I don't have the time any more.
Hope you enjoyed these pictures and what ever your hair journey, I wish you seasons greetings and a happy journey hair for 2013.

Kittylocks x