Monday, 23 January 2012

New Years Eve Hair Style 2011

Happy New Year.  I wanted to share my New Years Eve hair style with you. This is me about to attend a Ball.  Excuse the boots I was driving and could not drive in my heels.
Of course no Princess is complete without her shoes so here they are with real fur and see through heels.  I managed to dance in them for a couple of hours before I had to change into a lower pair lol

My locks were freshly washed and braided in large loose braids the night before to give the crinkly look.  After undoing, I did 4 large twists at the back taking the hair up to the crown and securing each twist with locks as I find pins uncomfortable as they either scratch my scalp or my hair pushes them out.

The front of the hair was wrapped back and tucked under leaving a side fringe.
I am still loving my hair and look forward to creating even more styles in 2012. Hope you enjoyed these. 
Kittylocks x