Saturday, 4 February 2012

Client Feature CK (Unlocked Hair)

Hi all I love all things to do with hair so here is CK. She has below shoulder length natural hair (30 years). No relaxer or weave has ever been used.  Up to 1 year ago she wore wigs and braids. She has not had a trim or cut in many years as she is not an advocate of scissors!

Every 6-8 weeks I wash, deep condition and blow out her hair.
The above picture was taken in October 2011.

Here you can see her length on starting to blow out her hair. I used a medium heat, ionic hair dryer with a pik attachment (not bone straight.)

3 months later, January 2012 after washing, deep conditioning and separating her hair ready for blow drying.  There are no products in her hair yet but you can see just how shiny and luscious her hair is.

I used a special product to blow out her hair (more on that later) her hair has really grown. 
It needs a trim, maybe 2 inches but I wont do this until the summer (if we have one) as hair tends to grow quicker in the summer.
 Side and top views of her cain rowed hair style.

The back of her hair shows her sweeping design. I used cain rows going across at the nape of her neck and across her temples to protect her hair line and where there was previous damage.
I wonder if she will come over to Sisterlocks(TM)?

I hope you enjoyed these.

Kittylocks x