Sunday, 29 November 2009

Sisterlocks(TM) Training

I met up with Dr Joanne Cornwall the originator of Sisterlocks(TM) at the London Sisterlocks Training. As you can see I was so happy to meet her as I feel that by identifying Sisterlocks(TM) as a means of making very versatile and flexible locks, she has enabled me to free my self from all the weaves, extensions and other styles which ultimately thinned and broke my hair. This is me with Michelle Bryant the Sisterlocks Master Trainer.
This is the London November Sisterlocks(TM) Training class. We were tired as the classes were very full and informative but happy and eager to practise our new skills. We are ready!
This is me with a fellow student and it was time to go home.

Yes I did it . Having undergone the 4 day training, I am now a Sisterlocks(TM) trainee.
I hope that if things work out I can get my certification soon.
I am rearing to go!
I will keep you posted on my clients.
Kittylocks x
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23 Months

This is my regular look now that I have reached 23 months locked.
Just washed and I am finding that my hair is resisting the curl when braided. I finish them and within 5 minutes the braids have undone! I think I might have to use curlers more regularly now.

Need a little color here.

Low pony.
This is my latest accessory. It is called a loc soc and it is made of silk. I can sleep in it or go out with it on if my hair needs coloring. It can be used in many different ways. Want one? here it is:
I cant wait until Year 2.
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