Sunday, 2 August 2009

19 Months

I am at the 19 month mark and I thought my hair had not grown very much.... I was wrong.
This is before my retightening and after I had washed my hair as you can see I look a bit frizzy.

This is a real summer colour what a shame it is rainy and cloudy here in the UK. I have discovered these neat small clips to hold the hair back.

I have started washing my hair either weekly or two weekly and this makes my hair really thick. My partings have dissappeared.
I rolled my hair over on itself to avoid using hair pins as they hurt my scalp. This creates a very Nubian look.

I am going blond at my temples...

I thought I would let my pictures speak for themselves. I am still happy with my hair and I am trying new styling options but I am impatient with the layers and cant wait for them to grow down.
Wait and see...
Please don't copy.