Saturday, 20 September 2008

7 Months

My Mum noticed my hair for the first time today. She said "your hair looks very nice, leave it as it is, don't do anything to it" I asked her if she knew what it was. When I told her they were sisterlocks(TM) she replied"of course I know what they are, do you think I am stupid?" I had spent months worrying about what my family might say when they knew that I had put locks in my hair. Being from a small island I feared that they might have biased views about the hair style but I learnt that I need not have worried. If it passed the Mum test then I would be alright.

My hair has been washed twice in 7 months and it is loving it. I actually washed it myself this time and did braid and band. My hair was not even dirty. I did not like doing it due to the fiddlings of braiding and banding and I think I will leave it to Chi my colourist next time. After washing I left the hair in braids until it had nearly dried and took them out. I think they were too small and it was difficult to get them out again. My hair looked fluffy which is a look that I don't like so I immediately braided it again. Later the same evening I took these braids out and my hair looked great.
When I went to Michelle to get tightened another customer actually asked if she could touch my hair. She was younger on the hair journey than myself and could not believe the length that I had achieved in so short a time. She had lovely, thick, strong, jet black hair and I knew it would look really nice as the months rolled on.

I have never wanted time to go so badly and just so that I could see how my hair was going to look. Some locks are sealing on the ends. This seems to be more to the back of my head and I can no longer braid these down to the ends because they are too thick so I just leave these bits loose.
My hair seems to change every day always for the better of course.

Keep up the hair stories ladies they are really helpful and inspiring.


No permission no copy of my pictures please.

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