Sunday, 14 September 2008

2 Months

Month 2 and my hair was behaving badly. It was scruffy and fluffy. I had to do so much to it to be able to style it. I rolled it on pipe cleaners. Resulting in tight, formal curls which lasted for days but as I have long nails I vowed never to do this again as it took too long. When I went to Michelle I asked to be re tightened every 6 weeks instead of our agreed 8. My partner and daughter exclaimed in horror when they did the financial calculation. However I thought that it was worth it to look good as over the previous years I had paid to get hairstyles that did not suit me and that I did not like.
This picture was taken immediately after re tightening and again my hair looked fantastic however given my recent problems with it I was a bit worried when I left Michelle.

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