Saturday, 20 September 2008

5 Months

This is just over the 5 month mark as it is 23 weeks. All pictures used here are immediately after my retightenings. The picture on the left is my favorite hair style for work.

Yes I did it again I washed my hair. Only I didn't. I went to a colourist named Chi and he washed and used conditioner on my hair after he dyed it. I was fed up with the grey patch which to me seemed to be getting larger. My hair needed to be brightened. I have seen on other blogs that ladies are dying their hair themselves but I was not so brave. The end result was fantastic. I am not sure that these pictures do the colour justice. My hair also lightened up in the sun which made it look even better. I am now really comfortable with my hair and have settled a routine.

People no longer look me in the eyes when they talk to me but in my hair to see if they can see what the style is. They have so far been too polite to ask me. My immediate family have not said anything but I see them looking too. My Nephew in law said "Auntie your hair looks nice, they're twists in it?" I just smiled at him secretly. You should never ask a lady about her hair.

Work colleagues are also complimenting me. If I look up suddenly most people are looking closely at my hair. If I want a smaller think looking style then I do more braids ( 12-15) but if I want waves or a looser curl then I do less braids at night (8-9.)

My spritz is in great demand. My daughter who has extensions said "O that smells nice Mum, can you make me some?" she now sprays her extensions at night with my concoctions and ensures that she never runs out.

A dear friend of mine named Spiritlocks, (who I shall introduce later) also uses my spritz on her sisterlocks (TM) she has to hide it away from her Son and she realised that he was also using it on his natural hair.
Who would have thought that the key to lovely, long, luscious hair would be to LEAVE IT ALONE......

See you next time
Please do not use my pictures without my permission.

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