Saturday, 5 September 2009

Hair Politics

Hi there this is me at 21 months. I have become interested in hair politics. I have started to make my own products., spritzes, scalp oils and would like to branch out into shampoos and conditioners next.

Now that I am natural I wondered who makes and owns the products that I have used and continue to use in terms of the black economy.

African and Caribbean people make up only a small percentage of people in the UK however we are responsible for most of the sales in terms of false and real hair, hair care products and accessories.
I expected to find that the spread of ownership and wealth would represent many diferent peoples... I was wrong.

Check out the links to see what I found out:

Stay happy in your naturalness.
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Nubian1 said...

I dont blame anyone who sees a lurative business opportunity and goes for it!! It is rather an embarrassing question..'how come there are less black owned black hair product retailers across the globe?'...Think about it for a moment......doesn't feel good does it....I mean are we that naive???

Kittylocks said...

Hi Nubian1 you are right there. Why is it that everyone except us can and is making money from our products, our fashion, our hair,our music?

Anna Renee said...

Ladies, dont be discouraged. We black folks are not that naive. Its a matter of means of production. That's where the power lies. In the US, we had power through the Johnson Family Conglomerate, then the Bronner Brothers, and others Im sure. There are many, many black power brokers, and Black Enterprise Magazine has chronicled them for decades. Some companies have more money to advertise so we see them, and assume blacks are doing nothing. Maybe not on that scale. The Asians have cornered the fake hair market, and that market will die. We blacks are innovators-always reinventing-always the Phoenix from the ashes. Remember there are many, many cottage industries struggling who are black-owned. Through the power of the web we can purposefully choose to buy from them. Look at Carol's Daughter's story!! We arent naive, but struggling and succeeding!

Kittylocks said...

Very well said, Kittylocks