Saturday, 13 December 2008

Hair Styles

Hi all I thought I would try to capture some of the hair styles that I wear. These were taken just before 12 months.
above is the end result of a 2 strand twist with the sides taken up. Worn to a dinner party. Everyone loved it.
Twists taken out lightly.

Side view.

Front view.

Shoulder view.
This is how the twists looked when I put them in. I kept them large and loose as I wanted a larger, thicker look.

I just spritzed my hair lightly with water and essential oils before twisting them and took them out a few hours later. Even though they were not in all night they really held well and I was pleased with the results.
This is my favourite style worn for work and is a twist out of single braids,around 10 and worn all night.

Me trying to look studious.

I have one very long lock. My friend Spiritlocks says that I should cut it. What do you think?
So instead I just tuck it in.
To all of you ladies out there I really love my sisterlocks(TM) and I am trying to become more adventurous. I have never regretted my decision to lock and cant wait to see how my hair progresses over the months and years.
To any one contemplating locks go for it!
I shall be back with my one year anniversary pictures.
Please do not copy my pictures or myblog without my permission.


Unknown said...

Love your hair!! Gorgeous!

Kittylocks said...

Thanks so much I am new to the road of locks but looking forward to a looooong journey.

anthia-ofo said...

I like the way your hair has progressed so well. You're giving me ideas for styles. I'm 11mths slsed and all I ever do is crinkle it once in blue moon.

Kittylocks said...

Thanks Anthia-ofo for this. I am trying even though I think my hair is too short to do much!