Saturday, 13 December 2008

Comparison Pics

Me before the start of my locks journey and finished.
As you can see it was a really happy day for me.
I was so pleased to be leaving the world of braids and false weaves behind me.

1 Month



6 Months

8 Months and I have developed some length.

9 Months and this looks good if I say so myself and I am starting to style my hair more.

11 Months and lovely!

This is me 1 year later after dying and washing my hair which has thickened up nicely.
I have learnt how to braid/twist my hair in order to achieve different styles.
I have tried using pipe cleaners but did not like the look which was too thick and tightly curled.
Now that my hair is settling in I wash it more regularly still not weekly though and continue to use only my own home made spritzes.
I hope that you enjoyed these updates.
Some times the fear of success means that we don't attempt new things. This is not going to be me in the future.
Please do not copy my pictures or my blog without my permission.


NubianLockedPrincess said...

I know what you mean by not trying new things on your hair. My locs are still not long enough to do what I want. I know the time will come.
Your locs are beautiful! It it amazing how locs transform from the infant stage.

Kittylocks said...

I am aiming to try more new things with my hair in the coming months.

Did you have a chance to see my hair styles? you might like this one.

Unknown said...

Lovely blog - will add you to my blogroll.

Your locs look fab! If I ever have locks it sure will be sisterlocs - they look great! And thanks for sharing your holiday to the Gambia too - very informative and envy inducing. I long for some sun!

anthia-ofo said...

My daughter washes her locs 1x3-4wks and her hair grows like crazy. I wonder if there's something in'not washing so often'. I find I can only go 2wks, after that my scalp is 'begging' to be scrubed.

Kittylocks said...

Hi Anthia-ofo I go to the gym twice a week and my hair gets a good steam so maybe this compensates for the not washing and my hair is definitly growing well and thicker.

Merry Christmas