Saturday, 13 December 2008

One Year

Hi I have had Sisterlocks(TM) for one whole year and I am still loving them.

Sorry that these pictures are a little bit late as I was on holiday in Gambia and have just returned. I also dyed my hair whilst there. Yes you did hear right. I used Garnier Nutrisse cream in number 6 Sandalwood brown. It was really easy to do especially for a novice like myself and my hair was very soft afterwards when I used the conditioner.This was the end result. It covered all of my grey hair. I had wanted my hair to be a bit lighter than this but I think that I will go lighter in stages. This is me about to go to the beach in Gambia.
I did not experience any slippage but I did notice that one lock at the front is becoming very thin and I think that I will lose it. I think that I may have been a bit rough when washing and did not braid or band.

This is a bit greasy because it was very hot there.

An evening out and I tried a version on an up do and twisted a few strands at the front to keep my hair out of my face.

This is the side view of my hair.
I thank the Lord that I discovered sisterlocks(TM) and look forward to many more years.
I have found the blogs and fotkis very interesting and inspiring as well as getting a lot of very useful after care information from them.
This is a side view of my newly washed hair.
and a back view.
Another going to the beach shot.
Comparison shots will follow.


NubianLockedPrincess said...

That is a beautiful color. Your locs took the color well!

I`am going to wait until april to color my locs again. My locs had some bunching. I think the conditioner in the colorant had something to do with it. My hair was not ready for the conditioner.

Kittylocks said...

Thanks. I think this is beacuse I have never dyed my hair before. I will steadily go lighter the next time. I tend to wait until the grey patch at the front of my head starts to become more prominent before I dye my hair.

The conditioner tends to make my hair thicker which I like.

I really do like your colour and it suits your skin tone.

I hope that year 2 is better for both of us in the hair stakes.

Unknown said...

Great progress so far. Looking GOOD!!

Imperfect Mom of Six said...

Your styles have a sort of 'African Queen' look. It's regal.Looks beautiful. When my locks 'grow up', hopefully your blog will still be around for me to copy the styles!