Saturday, 20 September 2008

4 Months

4 months on and my hair is finally growing. The bald patches at my temples are starting to fill in. It is not my imagination they really are. I attended a christening and 2 ladies there loved my hair and kept raving about it. They both had twists. I told them what they were and to do their own research. I have decided only to spritz my hair at night before I braid it to go to bed otherwise the look is too spongy. Then just twist out in the morning. I am done in 5 minutes where as before I used to take ages and still not be pleased with the results. My hair seems to soak up the moisture.

In case you are all wondering how I have been washing my hair I haven't! Even before I did the locks I was known not to like washing my hair. I have always believed that for me it is not necessary and this has never damaged either my scalp or my hair or hair growth. So here it is my secret for my own hair growth.

I washed my hair prior to the installation with a clarifying shampoo and used no conditioner, grease of chemicals what so ever. It is now 4 months down the line and I have not washed my hair again yet.

My scalp is not dry, flaky, no dandruff , not greasy and I am reliably advised that my hair does not smell.

My spritz contains essential oils depending on my mood or what smell I would like to have for that day. Often Lavender, Rosemary, Marjoram. Whatever mix I use I always include Peppermint because I like the sensation on my scalp of the tingling.

I attend the gym 2-3 times a week and my hair gets a good steam whilst there. I do not wear a cap in the steam room. I avoid the chlorine of the pool and Jacuzzis.

I believe that it is this hair regime that has meant that my hair has grown and there has been no slippage with my locks. I have read numerous sites where ladies are braiding and banding their hair religiously on a weekly basis but I decided to stick to my usual routine and this has worked for me.

I am not advocating this approach for any one else but this has always been my normal hair routine. However I suspect that once my locks have set I will wash them more often.

Keep up the locks

Until next time.

Please do not use my pictures without my permission.

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