Saturday, 20 September 2008

9 Months

I am experimenting with hair jewelry. This is from Brunsli's Hair ties. Check out her site it is on my links page and I will definitely be ordering more.
My hair is even going in my eyes now. I wont be able to wear this fringe for much longer due to the length. I love the colour.

At 9 months old. I am wearing a glass bead courtesy of Michelle in purple. Even strangers stop me now to ask about my hair and it still takes me a minute to realise what they are seeing. I really do have some length now especially at the back.

My hair has always had natural layers so I think it will continue to grow like that. I am so happy with my hair. I love it.
Peace, love and happiness to you all.
Always seek my permission before using any of my pictures or extracts from my blog.

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