Friday, 29 March 2013

Client Feature, Hyacinth

This is Hyacinth installation.  She has never worn her natural hair out and usually wears wigs or adds extensions to her hair.  After doing her research she chose to come home to Sisterlocks(TM).  She shaved her hair and allowed it to grow out into this even shape below.

16 hours and 20 minutes later and she is on her Sisterlocks(TM) journey. It is a very satisfying and humbling experience to play a part in some ones natural hair journey.

The style below was created by making 3 large, loose flat twist up to the top of her hair and secured using her locks. The front is in 2 large braids which when taken out will be a fringe with a middle parting.Her hair looks very glossy and shiny in these pictures but as time goes by and her locks begin to change and swell, I would expect her locks to lose this glossy look.

I have to share with you that once her installation was completed I could not keep Hyacinth away from the mirror, she was examining her hair this way and that way and playing with it.
She chose to go home wearing 2 low bunches.

Hyacinth swims regularly so I gave her some instructions of how to keep her new Sisterlocks(TM) in tact.

Watch out for her updates.


Kittylocks x


Anonymous said...

you did a beautiful job with her! I'm sure she is loving her journey. can't wait for the update! xo


Kittylocks said...

Thank you so much, she is so excited.

Unknown said...

Hi , my hair is so beautiful , and it's getting better everyday. I'm eight months into my journey and now my hair is thickening wich I didn't think was possible wow, !!