Tuesday, 7 May 2013

64 Months

I wanted to share this style with you as usual done on hair that needed retightening. The style was done just before I went to bed with a silk scarf tied over it so that my hair would stay flat and without any frizzies. The front was wrapped to the front and tucked under, the sides were braided down in large braids which I secured on the ends.

 This side view minus the bands on the ends.  My intention had been to undo the braids so that I would have a wavy fringe, however in the end I left them.
The back view shows 6 large twists up to the centre of my head and secured for the first night with 1 pin at the top of each twist but after the first night I removed them.  This style lasted for 1 week through my running, gym and the sauna and until I took it down.

I have had locs for 64 months now and still love them especially since I had them cut.

Next time I will try a bun to see if this can still be done on my hair length.

Until next time

happy hair


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NubianLockedPrincess said...

You locs have grown so much! They are so beautiful!