Friday, 4 June 2010

Sri Lanka Part 2

This is Sri lanka holiday part 2. I climbed the Sigiriya Rock Fortress. If you look closely you can see the metal stairs. This was no joke as it was in the blazing sun and there was a lot of wind. It was quite scary!

There used to be over 500 fresco's near the top of the Fortress but due to weather and graffiti there are only 21 left now. The colours looked very vivid and reminded me of the paintings in the Egyptian tombs.

In Kandy there was a cultural show. Below is the mask dance and the snake dance. Some dances are still used today as a treatment in Psychiatry.

During the show this man went into a trance and ate fire and danced on hot coals.

Finally me with 2 porcupines.

Kittylocks x

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Naturally Sophia said...

You look dangerously close to those porcupines! Looks like an ouch situation.

Kittylocks said...

Thanks Naturally Sophia you are right there I made sure I stood back! Kittylocks