Friday, 26 June 2009

Michael Jackson Tribute

It is with great sadness that I learnt during the night of Michael Jackson passing from this world with a suspected cardiac arrest.

I grew up in the sixties and had to fight both physically and emotionally every day of my life with racist thugs. From the school playground to Teddy boys coming into our area to fight on a Friday night.

I have fought men and women in my bid to ensure that I have the same rights as every one else and that I am treated fairly in all things.

Throughout that time Michael Jackson and the Jackson 5 were legends. We used to run to the television to see them perform. They were able to instill in us black pride that we could achieve if we wanted to. I still to this day have all of their records and his albums.

He was a troubled genius who set the standards for both song and dance which still prevail even to this day.

This is the picture of Michael Jackson that I care to remember.

One with his brown skin, nappy, full hair and with all of his African and American features in tact.

I would like to offer his family and friends my sincere condolences and to hope that now he will truly rest in peace.

Kittylocks X

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PhePhi said...

great post! he will definitely be missed...such a great loss!

Bajan Lily said...