Saturday, 6 June 2009

18 Months: Kreative Blogger Award Nomination.

I have been nominated for the Kreative blogger award by Nubian1. Thank you. I shall now share 7 facts about myself:

I love to go out and really dance. I love different types of music from reggae to salsa. I use dance as a form of exercise. This is what can happen when you allow your Daughter to dress you...

I love my new hair dye, Textures and Tones, Flaming Desire.

And the result which is a bright, wonderful summer colour. My friends and family love it. Of course I love my locks and everything locks.

This Champagne is the business and it is the only drink that I can not resist.

Sweets these are my favourites but I still manage to have good teeth.

I went on a holiday to Gambia and fed the Monkeys. They are intelligent, majestic, gentle and beautiful creatures.

I thought I would sneak this picture in. Don't tell.

Finally I love long haul travel and to swim in the Sea. This is the beach where I stayed in Gambia. I have also been to: Dominican Republic, Egypt, Trinidad, Grenada, St Vincent, Montserrat, Margarita, Venezuela, Brazil, Cyprus, Portugal, Spain, France and the list goes on...

Happy hair and please don't copy any pictures or anything else from my blog.

Kittylocks X

I nominate: Naturally Sexy
Nubian Locked Princess
All about the hair


NubianLockedPrincess said...

Kitty, thank you for my award! i love coming to your blog! girl, you are always classy! I love your new hair color! your locs are fab!

Gigglz said...

Your hair color is HOT!! I love it.

Kittylocks said...

Thanks a lot for your support Nubian Locked princess and Ggglz. I actually screamed when I saw my hair before I washed it out because it was orange!

I peaked when I should not have done and when I washed it out I loved it.

I think this is the colour for me.

Gigglz said...

It is a great color for you. It gives that extra pop on your locks!!!

anthia-ofo said...

That looks sooo good on you! I'm not brave enough to try chemical dye. I'm going to give henna a go.

Kittylocks said...

Thank you anthia-ofo and gigglz some how I am frightened of Henna because I dont think that I could control the end result.

Natasha Dyer said...

I LOVE that color!

Kittylocks said...

Thanks a lot. I think I will stick to this colour.