Thursday, 1 December 2011

47 Months

Hi all as you know I love to try out new hair styles but I must say that the up do is my favourite.

This is the front section of my do.  My hair needs a retightening and also a color but some how I always create my best styles when my hair needs doing.  I have lengthened the time in between colouring and I notice that my regrowth is jet black.  I have never had jet black hair in my life, must be something to do with my new eating pattern, much more fruit, vegetables, water, fish and little red meat.

 The front 2 sections were tucked and rolled and secured using 2 large hair pins.

Top Section .

I left a side bit out as a fringe or bang.  I would usually curl this using rods but I could not be bothered, I just wanted a quick and easy style, my hair had been braided days before.
Close up side view below.
This style took a maximum of 10 minutes to do in the morning before work.  

I did a large basket weave at the back, and I did this first.  You can really see how dark my roots are, love the two tone look lol

I promise next time to do this on freshly tightened and coloured hair.

I wore this style for 2 days and nights and went to the sauna, gym and swam all without taking it out.

Many compliments were given. Two people thought I had gone to a salon to be styled. I was told it looked like a fifties vamp look.
Hope you liked these.

Kittylocks x


Lush Locs said...

Nice updo. I'd like to try to do a version of it. I don't have your length yet to duplicate the look.

Kittylocks said...

Thank you Lush locs have a go you would be surprised that you will be able to replicate this look as i dont think your hair is too short

Ashanti said...

I definitely can't replicate the look but you look beautiful as always!!

Kittylocks said...

Thanks Ashanit I tried it again but even I could not replicate it again, this wont stop me trying though lol x

z said...

You have some lovely and creative updo's.