Sunday, 27 March 2011

Day of the Goddess 2011 Part 1

I attended an awe inspiring day for women only to celebrate womanhood named the Day of the Goddess 2011. With consent I managed to snap some beautiful women and have to share them with you. Just look at that smile!
This lady really knows that she is beautiful.
This lady has 6 year old traditional and coloured locks which compliment her skin tone.
Freeform locks 3 years old, so luscious, thick and shiny.
These locks are self self maintained and she has done a lovely job

Self styled using 2 strand twists wow!

No offence to any women not photographed I was having so much fun I just could not photograph everyone. The day entailed drumming, singing, chanting, performances, opportunities to purchase hand crafted items such as clothing, jewelry and hand made oils, scents ....

Time to just be in the company of positive women and celebrate the joy.

Part 2 to follow...

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