Thursday, 2 December 2010

Snowed in

This is the view of my drive this morning on my second day of being snowed in.

Anyone who lives in England knows that we have a history of being unable to cope with any type of weather conditions. Whether this is the wrong type of leaves, too much rain causing mass flooding or now too much snow.

We are apparently making history for being below temperatures and having such heavy and early snow.

People have been stranded in their cars on the roads for hours and even days.

Airports are closed.

There are no trains running.

Busses are very scarce.

Roads and pavements have not been gritted or sanded.

You may just be able to make out the top of my car. The picture below was yesterday morning, it continued to snow all night and day results above.

What have I done in these 2 days?

I have actually been working via the wonderful Blackberry! boo hoo don't cry!

also done all my washing, all my ironing, lots of cooking.

Lots of phone calls.

Now thinking of stripping some wall paper in the spare bedroom

I am hoping that I may be able to get out some time soooooooooooooon


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Anonymous said...

I'm cold just looking at the pics. I live in Florida, we bundle up when temps drop down to 60 degrees fahrenheit. LOL! I really like your locs, by the way.