Saturday, 3 January 2009

More Hair Styles

I am really happy with the way that my hair is coming along and it is filling in nicely. I am going to lighten up my hair the next time I dye it. Hopefully the results are as good.
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miamia said...

I'm considering Sisterlocks, but I'm worried about the high maintenance fees. I live in Spain and the closest consultant is in London. I was wondering what the average fee for maintainance is there in London and if it would be practical to even be considering this move. I would really appreciate your feedback and advice. Thanks.

Kittylocks said...

Hi thanks for this comment. Have you checked the trainee directory? as the person doing mine is a trainee and she is excellent.The fees here are around £50 every 8 weeks after your installation which can cost £350. For me these costs were much less added over the year than the many weaves, wigs and braids none of which i liked so this is how I came to sisterlocks(TM). You could even take the class your self and learn how to retighten yourself as many are currently doing or do it your self from scratch again as many are doing. I hope that this helps you in your hair decision.

Nubian1 said...

Kitty, your locks look lovely. Loving the long after locking did you start to colour again? Its been 4 months since I was locked and the greys are SCREAMING at me everytime I look in the mirror...Right now....i just wave back.

Kittylocks said...

Thanks Nubian 1 in fact I had never coloured my hair until I was locked.I went to a natural colourist at the 6 month mark after my installation. My greys were itching like crazy and my hair looked dull. He used conditioner which would usually be said to be too soon but my hair loved it.I now do it myself every 8 weeks before my retightening. Some call it a patch of wisodm!