Sunday, 30 October 2011

43 Months

Hi all here are  a selection of styles worn over the last few months. This is the back of my hair showing flat twists to the crown followed by large single braids tucked under and secured with a see through elastic band.

This is a good choice for working out in the gym and I can rinse and or wash my hair in this style and let my hair air dry.

 Side view.
I made a fringe using medium sized perm rods left in over night.

 Side view with the back braids taken out to leave my usual curly look.
I decided to experiment with a wrap or roll. This one is more to the left side of my head.

Centre wrap look.  I wore this to work and it created quite a stir.

I am still enjoying having locks and the fact that each one is different, reflecting my individuality.

Hope you enjoyed these, let me know you are there and comment.

Kittylocks xx


anthia-ofo said...

You are sooo creative with hairstyles! seriously, I've got to go to God to help me...I will try and copy the fringe style.

Kittylocks said...

Thanks Ofo it would be good to see you recreat soem or all elements of this.

Lush Locs said...

Thanks for sharing your styles. I especially like the off-center roll. Stay tuned for my Halloween-look that you may have helped inspire as a result your "regal" comment.

Kittylocks said...

Thanks Lush locs cant wait to see your Halloween look.

Locksie C said...

Beautiful cant wait until mine get longer so I can updos like these. Still loving the colour too