Wednesday, 4 March 2009

What is a Friend?

I have found my self reflecting on friendships past, present and future.
What is a friend? I hear you ask.
A friend can be male of female
is some one who truly loves you for your inner self
Whom you can call on at midnight
to have a chin wag or cry to when you have a problem
A friend wishes only the best for you
with out jealousy or rivalry
A friend is some one who allows you to make your own mistakes
without telling I told you so
someone who will tell you when you are wrong
without fear or prejudice
Some one who is honest and that you can trust.
A friend wants you to do better for yourself.
I am lucky to have four such people who are special friends in my life. I praise God for them every day and try to reciprocate some of what they give to me.
Please do not copy without my permission.